High Quality Polyurethane Products

We take pride in maintaining high quality, professional services at affordable prices. From bumper to bumper, we have you covered. Our polyurethane products will serve your needs.

Custom Polyurethane Works

We only use high quality polyurethane to make your custom polyurethane orders. Our high-end polyurethane machine, process your custom polyurethane product with fast and ease. Contact us now.

Produk Polyurethane Berkualitas Tinggi

Kami bangga atas kualitas produk, layanan dan harga polyurethane kami. Dari ujung ke ujung, kami dapat melayani seluruh kebutuhan polyurethane anda. Hubungi kami sekarang juga.

Menerima Custom Order Polyurethane

Kami hanya menggunakan bahan polyurethane berkualitas tinggi dalam memproses order custom polyurethane produk anda. Mesin polyurethane canggih kami memastikan custom produk polyurethane anda dibuat dengan cepat, mudah dan presisi. Hubungi kami.

Hello & Selamat Datang

Mega Kharisma Polyurethane is one of the Polyurehane (PU) based product manufacturing company in Indonesia. Located on Tangerang, Banten, we spesialized in industrial polyurethane and rubber products. With years of experiences and wide varieties of products, we can deliver your order by highest quality and reasonable price. Contact us now.

Mega Kharisma Polyurethane adalah salah satu perusahaan pembuat produk produk berbahan PU/Polyurethane di Indonesia. Workshop Mega Kharisma Polyurethane berlokasi di Tangerang, Banten, namun melayani pemesanan pembuatan produk PU dan Rubber dari seluruh Indonesia. Dengan pengalaman bertahun tahun dalam membuat, menjual dan mendistribusikan berbagai jenis produk Polyurethane yang bervariasi, kami dapat memenuhi pesanan anda dengan kualitas dan harga yang terbaik. Hubungi kami untuk berdiskusi mengenai kebutuhan anda.

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Our Rubber & Polyurethane Products

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Coated Fabrics

Polyurethane-based product on Coated Fabrics Conveyor belts, Fuel storange tanks, Power transmission belts
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Polyurethane-based product on Electrical Encapsulation, Insulation, Potting, Cable joining
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Mining Tools

Polyurethane-bsed product on Mining tools Bucket, Liners Conveyor Rollers, Scrapper Blades, Floatation Cell Impeliers, Pump Linings, Grading Screens, …
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Oil, Chemical & Marine

Polyurethane-based product on Oil, Chemical & Marine Bushings, Bearings, Hydrocyclones, Pipeline pigs and scrapers, Fenders, Valve seats
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Wheels and Tyres

Polyurethane-based product on wheels and tires Forklif tyres, Heavy duty caster wheels, Roller skate wheels, Roller blade wheels.
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Engineering Components

Polyurethane-based product on Engineering Components Gears, Sprokets, Wire Guides, Rail Draft Gear, Stripper Plates, Press Brake Pads, Bushing …